Gallery Grand Opening Success!

We enjoyed the opening night of the gallery by being in a group Holiday crawl in the new art district of downtown. Several great artists were present with a very diverse grouping of work right next door to us in Allan Brockman’s space, and Brad Arender held a fantastic exhibit of Louisanan photography by dozens of our artistic local photographry enthusiasts.

I showed around 12 new works in the gallery along with guest artist William Edmundson showing his fall collection of landscapes. We enjoyed live music and wonderful food, and made alot of new friends and acquiantances. Around 200-300 people probably came through the block party.

We even made it into the local paper…scroll down to November 21st 

In all the hurry scurry of the night and preopening jitters- I actually forgot to take in my camera and snap a few photos..just like me! Hopefully I’ll find someone who got one soon!


new commission of the gardent district in new orleans complete


This is a photo of the newest completed commission I have just finished for a really nice couple building a new home. The painting is a really big one–3x 4 feet. It took a while but I am extremely happy with it. I love the colors and the jubilant mood the painting depicts. I should have prints of this one available before long on as well as poster prints and giclees on canvas from my own website.

 On another note, I’ll be getting ready to open my new studio gallery on Wed. November 21st. Everyone is invited.. we’ll be part of a gallery crawl from 5-9. The location is 131 Nth. 2nd St. in Monroe for those of you who are local. I do hope you’ll come out and support the grand opening of the Tabarlet Studio & Gallery.

 Edmund Williamson will be showing in my space with me, as well as many local artists in the adjoining gallery spaces. This is a dream come true for me and I am extremely excited.

 I”ll post photos soon of the event.. and wish me luck! I’d love to report back with a complete sale out!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone..

more’s late and I’ve got to get to painting again..

Lulu-chihuahua sadness-isn’t she a cutie?

Here are a few pics of Lexie Lulu Maria in her beautiful ecollar as she recovers from  her little surgery. She is so sweet.. probably one of the most loving little pets I’ve ever had.. I just wish she could learn to potty outside 100% of the time.. fortunately for me she isn’t a great dane..

Queen of the kingsize and loving it.

She might be down but she’s not out..still got her wild thang side going pretty strong..

Bright flashing paparrazi lights hurt the diva’s eyess..

Two new commissions completed..New Orleans Street Sign, Wild Hot abstract

Here are my two latest paintings.. recent commissions for a new collector in Mississippi. The abstract is titled : Envy Revisited.

The new orleans work is New Orleans Nite Brite..

cool title huh?  Both canvas are in a 24 x 36 size..and will be displayed in offseting walls of a room.. I think they will look incredible together.

I am enjoying the studio. Got it all set up and now I’ve moved in and enjoy working. I hope to by some professional studio lighting as it’s a bit dark and tends to make me feel down. Artist are so fickle.. things like lighting can tend to throw me off emotionally. Strange isn’t it?

 Well out the door to run to lunch with a great friend of mine. We are both September babies and have been friends since elementary school. Strange to see us getting close to 40! Oh well, they say 40 is the new 2o! Here is a photo of the 2 paintings together for some reason the perspective is off when you compare the 2 above? ;(

Painting video by new orleans artist, Angel Turner Dyke

Girls road trip to San Antonio!

My 2 daughters and I were recently surprised with a fantastic trip to San Antonio for 5 days. My wonderful stepmom, Shirley loaded us all up and we headed out for some r&r, girl talk and of course, shopping! We had a great trip inspite of the rain. We ate, shopped, walked the riverwalk, went on a tour of SA, did seaworld, stayed up late and laughed so much I thought I was going to bust!  We really needed this trip and such fun memories were made. Shirley- Thanks so much! We love you- you have a special place in our hearts.

Check out the fun in the photos below..and if you are in the area you’ve got to go eat at Mi Tierra in the Market Square. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was so much fun.

Slideshow of our trip to San Antonio

 [rockyou id=77411059&w=500&h=375]